Agnar Már Magnússon


Out now: Mór



 "This is undoubtedly one of the finest pieces of new music I have heard amidst this troubled year.

For its imaginative musical symbiosis, with a profound ability to move the soul, Mór is fervently recommended." Adrian Pallant

"I bow." *****  Marcin Kozicki

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Agnar Már Magnússon: piano
Valdimar Kolbeinn Sigurjónsson: double bass
Matthías Hemstock: drums

Stefán Jón Bernharðsson: horn
Frank Hammarin: horn
Asbjørn Ibsen Bruun: horn
Nimrod Ron: tuba

               Hending - Feat. Lage Lund

   The CD Hending feat. Lage Lund was released in 2018. Here is a video from the recording session in Brooklyn.


  A collection of 16 intermediate to advanced piano pieces written in 2016.  Contact to get a copy. 

Agnar Már Magnússon



Agnar began musical studies at a young age. After graduating from the FÍH school of music in Reykjavík and Conservatorium van Amsterdam in the Netherlands, he studied with Larry Goldings and other private instructors in New York. There, he also was introduced to many known jazz musicians and that led to the recording of his first CD titled 01 with Bill Stewart on drums and Ben Street on bass. 01 was released in and distributed around the world by the Spanish record company Fresh Sound-New Talent. Since then, Agnar has released many CDs, most of which have been nominated for the Icelandic Music Awards totaling in 20 nominations and 2 awards.  

   Agnar has played/recorded with among others; John Hollenbeck, Drew Gress, Frank Foster, Seamus Blake, Ingrid Jensen, Ben Street, Bill Stewart, Chris Cheek, Perico Sambeat, Ari Hoenig and many more.






Jazz, Alternative


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Nitur - Agnar Már Magnússon Trio


Tristanotomia - Ft. Ben Street and Bill Stewart






     “Að öðrum ólöstuðum er Agnar Már Íslandsmeistari djasstríóplatnanna…..” 

     “Ég held að enginn íslenskur djassleikari hafi komist nær því að fanga hinn íslenska tón í djassskáldskap sínum, sem hann vefur oft meistaralega inní tónlist sína. “

      V. L. Mbl. ágúst 2016


      “et klingende smukt album. Et album der henter stor inspiration i den nordiske tone og klang.”

      “Svif placerer sig et sted ude i Nordatlanten, hvor der både er udsyn til staterne og den smukke hjemlige natur. Albummet er særdeles vellykket.”

      Niels Overgaard -


      “IF PIANO TRIOS ever pass us by, like a fleeting breath of wind… I would dare to suggest that it’s because we’re not fully ‘in the zone’. For, although the classic format runs through contemporary jazz as a familiar, ever-flowing stream, it’s the individual, often intimate subtleties and nuances which make each experience distinct as they tumble, swirl and eddy in their own way.

The music of Icelandic pianist Agnar Már Magnússon elegantly typifies that notion in his latest album, Svif”

      “a classy piano trio album”

        Adrian Pallant,  AP reviews.


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Label: Dimma



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